Vision test for credit union’s marketing plan


Last week I had my first eye exam in a couple of years, and with a new doctor.  In addition to the normal glaucoma tests and others, they borrowed my glasses and put them into a machine to start my vision test.  It felt like we were starting with the end game in mind, but

I realized that marketing is like getting the perfect pair of glasses.

Great marketing requires looking through several lenses to clearly see the best things you should be doing for your credit union.

Lens #1: Your employees

When creating a marketing campaign or initiative, consider how it will impact your employees.  Are they knowledgeable about the product and service you are promoting?  Are you setting them up to be successful through training and communication?  Involving your employees through the entire process of developing a marketing campaign gets them on board and helps them stay on board so members get excited about it as well.

Lens #2: Your credit union’s brand

Great marketing tells the story of your brand.  Does your marketing campaign or initiative include the credit union’s brand story or how will it tell the brand story and communicate your brand promise?  Also, does the marketing initiative match your credit union’s brand?  Make sure there isn’t a disconnect with what you are trying to do and who you are as an organization.

Lens #3: Your members (and community)

How will your marketing campaign impact members (and your community)?  Does it have a clear call-to-action?  Does what you are offering suit the needs of your members and/or target market?  Consider not only what you want them to do as a result of this campaign, but also how you want your members to perceive you.

Lens #4: Your end results

Just like they started my eye exam, think about what you want to accomplish and how it plays into your larger goal.  Great marketing is almost always geared toward a business objective set by your credit union.  If it isn’t directly impacting any of those objectives, what is your anticipated goal for the initiative?  Marketing dollars are limited and this lens is important because it helps you determine the best use of your budget when building a marketing initiative.

Following these four steps will ensure that you are living out the vision of the credit union through your marketing efforts.  Looking through multiple lenses is vital in getting to 20/20 vision.  Just like at the eye doctor, you have to look through all of them to get the clearest picture.