Living Our Core Values: Accountability

Last week the TwoScore team went offsite for a four-day strategic planning retreat to brainstorm, innovate, and streamline. As we looked forward to our third year in business and beyond, we knew the enormous growth we experienced in 2016 warranted a revisit to our core values, mission, and vision.

If you’ve participating in a strategic planning session before, you know that a review of these important elements of your credit union’s brand is a critical step in the process.  Over the next several weeks, our blog will take a deep dive into these enhanced TwoScore core values as your credit union goes through this exercise as well in its planning for 2017 and beyond.

Core values and core value statements can take many shapes and directions. Inspired by Google, we chose to develop core value belief statements over traditional descriptive words like “innovative” and “results-driven.” The other elements we added to each are a quote that emulates the belief statement, and how it plays out in our lives and in our client interactions.

After several hours of discussion and brainstorming, the 10 statements we ended up with will guide every action and decision we make as an organization, and also challenge us to make sure our work lives up to them. Here’s number one on the list:

We believe accountability is a crucial part of success. 
“Accountability breeds response-ability” – Steven R. Covey

Because we are entrepreneurs, accountability is one of our most closely-held values and takes many different forms. First, we’re accountable to ourselves by striving every day to reach our personal and professional goals. We’re also accountable to our clients by doing what we say we will when we say we’ll do it in order to be a dependable resource for them. Lastly, we bring accountability to our partnerships by holding our clients accountable to their goals, plans, and vision for the future.

The first few sentences in the explanation paragraph simply outline a good business practice; you build trust with yourself and others by doing what you say you will in a timely manner. The last sentence, however, comes with a lot of heart. It was inspired by a client CEO who thanked us for holding the credit union accountable to reaching its goals and staying on track with their marketing plan and goals for the credit union.

It’s a reminder that we’re so more than a business partner for our clients..we’re part of their team. We’re their biggest cheerleaders. When it comes to success, we’re in it together.