Halloween May Be Over, But Some “Ghosts” Remain


Last night as my husband and I lit a bonfire, got out the snuggly fall blankets, filled our candy bowl with chocolate, and waited for the neighborhood kids for “Trick or Treat,” I got to thinking about ghosts.

As adults, the things that haunt us are not actually ghosts, but rather the things we wish we would have done better or the regrets for chances untaken. It is my belief that the ghost that haunts the credit union industry so pervasively is the one that says “we’ve done it this way for the last 20 years” and prevents innovation and true differentiation.

Now that November is officially here (albeit with record 70-degree weather in Ohio!), many credit unions are now beginning their planning for 2017. My advice to you is this: don’t let the ghosts of years’ past haunt your future success. Take risks, tell your stories (because they are great stories), and endeavor to be outside of your comfort zone.

Often the best opportunities are the ones that are the scariest at face value. Credit unions shouldn’t be haunted by the potential failure of something…what’s scariest of all is trying again what’s been tried every year or worse…not trying anything at all.